Interview of Marc Envent, Sales Manager of Academic Software France

Marc Envent
Sales Manager France & Business Development Manager of Academic Software

Academic Software is a new entrant on the French market, what does it have to offer to higher education and research institutions (ESR)?

Marc Envent : The Academic Software platform was developed in response to the expectations of the ESR […]

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Interview of Matt Sonnati, CEO of Inokufu

Matt Sonnati
CEO of Inokufu

Inokufu’s mission is to build the largest database of Learning Objects. How is the project going and how does your Becomino solution work?

Matt Sonnati: We couldn’t find a search engine to identify the best educational resources, so we created it.

In 2018, while discussing dyslexia, Benjamin and I […]

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Interview of Mohammed Bougaa, CEO of Oktonine

Mohammed Bougaa
CEO of Oktonine

Oktonine is a digital solution that facilitates project-based learning, can you present the platform and its assets? 

Mohammed Bougaa: Over the last decade, pedagogical practices in higher education experienced strong evolutions that only have been accelerated over the last 2 years.

In this context, project-based learning has been widely […]

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Interview of Anne-Charlotte Monneret, CEO of EdTech France

Anne-Charlotte Monneret
General Delegate of EdTech France

EdTech France federates technology companies serving education in France. You work throughout the year with your members to promote the development of the EdTech sector. What propositions do you have for the presidential campaign?

Anne-Charlotte Monneret: We have indeed been interviewed by several teams of candidates, […]

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Interview of Rafael Melinon, DGa Trade and Marketing

Rafael Melinon
DGa Trade and Marketing of VerifDiploma

VerifDiploma is a diploma verification solution that helps fight fraud. Are you seeing an increase of fraudulent practices among young graduates?

Rafael Melinon : Verifdiploma detected 7% of fake diplomas in 2021. Half of the fraudsters have never been registered in the institution, the other half […]

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Interview of Fabrice Mercier, CEO and founder

Fabrice Mercier 

CEO and founder of RapidMooc

“Driven by innovation, our solutions all address the same mission: to keep people at the heart of training and education.”

RapidMooc facilitates the creation of video content, have you noticed an evolution of the educational uses since the health crisis? 

Fabrice Mercier : “It’s clear that the […]

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Interview of Ludovic Charbonnel, co-founder of ChallengeMe

Ludovic Charbonnel 

Co-founder of Challenge Me

“ChallengeMe is much more than a suite of simple and intuitive online collaborative software.”

ChallengeMe is a software package that offers peer review, can you tell us more about it?

Ludovic Charbonnel: “ChallengeMe is indeed a peer learning and evaluation solution created in 2017 with my partner Alexandre Gasne. […]

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Nomad Education, an app for students: meet Caroline Maitrot

Caroline Maitrot

Associate Director of Nomad Education

“Our mission: Supporting the academic success of young people no matter what their academic level”.

Nomad Education is a student support application whose content is created by teachers. What is its mission?

Caroline Maitrot: “Nomad Education’s mission is to help students succeed in their studies via its mobile […]

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Klaxoon, collaborative work solution: meeting with Matthieu Poupard

Matthieu Poupard

Director of partnerships – Klaxoon

“Alone or in teams, onsite or remote, the all-in-one workspace”.

Klaxoon is a collaborative work solution widely used in companies, how is it an asset for students and universities?

Matthieu Poupard: “While Klaxoon tools are indeed used in a professional context by millions of users every […]

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Wooclap, the interactive educational platform : meeting with Fabien Maurin

Fabien Maurin

Manager of the French market at Wooclap

“Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool.”

You are an interactive platform that aims to revolutionize the way we teach. In your opinion, has this crisis triggered or accelerated the revolution we are facing today?


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