Marc Envent Academic Software

Marc Envent
Sales Manager France & Business Development Manager of Academic Software

Academic Software is a new entrant on the French market, what does it have to offer to higher education and research institutions (ESR)?

Marc Envent : The Academic Software platform was developed in response to the expectations of the ESR institutions, which expressed a need for support in the distribution and deployment of digital tools to all their users (teachers, researchers, students …).

It is with the objective of removing the barriers to the use of digital technology in education that we have designed Academic Software, an intelligent and innovative SaaS platform that allows institutions of the ESR to make available in all simplicity all the digital tools they have, while relieving the IT services because the support is provided by our teams.

Academic Software helps institutions find the perfect balance between user experience for their students, faculty, researchers and staff while respecting privacy and controlling costs related to digital usage.


As described by M. Condemine in his report “Ecosystème Numérique Pédagogique” (Digital Pedagogical Ecosystem) written in the framework of the DemoES Include, Academic software is a “platform making immersive pedagogical resources available, with the aim of pooling and proposing these resources on a university site scale, with a later opening to other off-site institutions. The objective is not simply to make an online catalog available, but also to initiate a global approach to the creation of these contents with the mobilization of a network of inter-institutional experts, teachers and educational engineers.

What role does a solution like Academic Software play in the digital transformation of education?

Academic Software facilitates the implementation of a true digital transformation policy by addressing the issues of distribution, deployment and use of digital resources by everyone, everywhere.

Academic Software supports institutions in their evolution and their vision of the future, moving from teaching in computer rooms to the use of resources in the possession of users (Use Your Own Device). We enable our partners to be part of the future of hybrid education by simplifying access to digital technology for all their users.

With Academic Software, institutions can meet the growing need for flexibility among students, faculty and researchers. Having access to all the tools needed for teaching, everywhere, all the time and simply, is now a key factor in the choice of an institution.

This flexibility is fully in line with a desire to include all audiences, allowing everyone, regardless of their geographical location, computer skills, barriers to learning, or personal constraints, to have access to all the content available to be successful in their learning journey. All this is made possible by the ease of use of the platform, its constant availability and especially by the support we provide to our users, in more than 15 languages, thanks to our qualified technicians who are available through numerous means of communication.

What are Academic Software’s ambitions for the future in France? 

Academic Software is a recognized partner in many European countries and we have over 700,000 users of our platform.
Originally from Belgium, we are present in France since 3 years and our development is impressive. We are delighted to accompany many French institutions in the higher education in their projects.
We are constantly developing new features and adapting to the evolutions of the educational world, which has become fully aware of the need to support users in their daily use of digital technology.

Our objectives are ambitious: to be a leading partner in the support of educational institutions and to make our platform a reference in France and in Europe, but we are convinced that our 20 years of experience and our desire to constantly progress will enable us to be a long-term player on the French market.