Homéric de Sathe is President and co-founder of PITCHBOY, a Conversational AI training solution.

At a time when conversational AI is booming, how does PITCHBOY fit into a learning path, for example in higher education?

As part of the digitization of education, conversational AI has become a major issue. Indeed, it enables us to push back the traditional boundaries of learning by creating tailor-made interactions for each student. PITCHBOY is not just a simple tool, but a genuine educational revolution.

Higher education is at a crossroads, as current and future generations of students are increasingly connected and expect innovative learning methods that match their current lifestyles.

They want learning to be dynamic, interactive and adapted to their needs.

PITCHBOY is able to meet these expectations by enabling students to take an active role in their training, rather than being spectators.

Thanks to its AI-based interactive simulations, students can experience real-life situations, from commercial negotiation to complex problem-solving, all in a virtual environment.

What’s more, PITCHBOY has another major advantage over other solutions: adaptability.

L’IA est capable d’analyser les réponses de l’étudiant, les évaluer et lui fournir un reporting détaillé des compétences qu’il doit améliorer et celle qu’il a déjà validée.

Le but est de rester dans un cadre pédagogique et de l’aider à progresser au fur et à mesure de sa simulation.

En somme, PITCHBOY se positionne comme un complément indispensable aux méthodes d’apprentissage traditionnelles car il apporte une dimension pratique et adaptative, préparant efficacement les étudiants aux mondes professionnels.

Dans un monde ou l’aspect théorie est souvent privilégié, PITCHBOY opte pour l’aspect pratique changeant ainsi la donne pour les formateurs et les étudiants.

What are the main advantages of using your solution in learning situations ?

When we talk to our customers about PITCHBOY, there are always several distinct and differentiating elements that stand out, because our solution represents a turning point in learning, from design to user experience.

PITCHBOY has several strengths :

  • Adaptability and Personalization : The very essence of AI is to learn from its users. In the context of PITCHBOY, this translates into a personalized learning experience. Depending on the needs, gaps or strengths of each user, AI adapts its scenarios, questions and feedback to ensure an ideally-tailored learning path.

  • Immersion and Experimentation : In the academic world, theory plays a predominant role. However, it’s the practical application that cements knowledge. Pitch boy offers an immersive experience where students are placed at the heart of real-life situations, enabling them to test their skills in real time and experiment without fear of failure.

  • Instant Feedback : In a learning process, feedback is crucial. PITCHBOY provides immediate, focused and constructive feedback. This enables students to identify and correct errors on the spot, promoting continuous improvement while remaining pedagogical.

  • Accessibility and Flexibility : PITCHBOY is accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to revise, practice or go deeper into a subject, our platform is at your fingertips, adapting learning to the pace of modern life. All you need is a computer and a microphone, and you’re ready to use our solution!

  • Engagement : The interactive nature of PITCHBOY makes learning more engaging. Instead of passive sessions, students are actively engaged, making the learning process not only more effective, but also more enjoyable.

In short, PITCHBOY reinvents learning, making it more personalized, pragmatic and aligned with the demands and expectations of the 21st century.

What are your plans for 2024 ?

Following our successful year in 2023, we are aiming high for 2024 with three major initiatives in the pipeline :

  • 1

    On the technical front : We intend to design new algorithms for generating natural language questionnaires and prompt-based simulations. We also plan to make progress in the creation of Deepfake videos.

  • 2

    Product level : We aim to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of our solution within educational teams by introducing a more intuitive, rapid and automated integration process.

  • 3

    Business strategy : Given that 90% of our customers are international companies, we plan to offer targeted support for the deployment and use of our solution on a global scale. This implies linguistic and cultural adaptation of experiences developed in France for our partners abroad.

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