In an age of collective intelligence and project-based teaching, how is Glowbl helping to transform higher education ?

Glowbl is a SAAS solution designed to animate groups of distance or hybrid learners, and to disseminate active teaching methods on a large scale. This is our core value proposition.

The health crisis has changed learners’ habits and expectations. Training and distance working have become an integral part of daily life.

Our multi-table workspaces allow us to multiply activities and interactions as naturally as if we were together in the same physical room.

On each table, you can share any type of content collaboratively in real time: annotate on documents, co-write collaborative notes, reflect on whiteboards, post-it notes or watch videos. Tabletop libraries store shared resources and joint productions.

As the spaces are persistent, they embody the group and the group’s collaboration in this place. Participants can come and work even in the absence of the trainer to collaborate outside class time. EM Lyon, with its eMBA online, works with Glowbl because its pedagogy is based on project-based learning.

Sophie Lazard, CEO de Glowbl

Sophie Lazard, CEO of Glowbl

What are the benefits of using a digital platform for employee training ?

There is no longer any organization that doesn’t offer its employees flexibility and encourage collaboration. That’s why they need the right tools for the job.

Old-fashioned training took place over one or two days of face-to-face sessions. For learners, the experience could be intense, but the anchoring could be unsatisfactory. Messages were quickly forgotten. For the trainer, some of the training sessions repeated theory, and time was therefore poorly spent. Mobilizing all these people meant that organizations had to spend a lot of time and effort on project management, which was costly in terms of euros and CO2 emissions.

Glowbl makes it possible to organize innovative and engaging distance learning formats without mobilizing employees for days on end. Distance learning doesn’t have to compete with face-to-face training ! It is perfectly possible to complete a blended course, i.e. a course that uses several modalities and takes place over a long period of time.

For example, Legrand has set up a course for its distributors as follows: launch of training on Glowbl. This session is designed to gather information on the maturity of participants’ knowledge, to create a cohort and to prepare both the e-learning course and the face-to-face session. Group and individual tutoring sessions are then organized on the platform.

We also offer collaborative workshop templates, in particular Codev (or action learning) workshops. These are very powerful workshops for solving complex situations, usually involving emotional intelligence, between peers. These workshops are increasingly used in organizations. Doing them remotely means you don’t have to mobilize more time than is strictly necessary for the workshop… provided you have the right solution. In the age of hybrids and tight schedules, this is a real benefit.

What are Glowbl’s next projects ? How do you see the rise of AI ?

We do about one release a month. The next one is in July, and it’s more than a release, it’s a new experience. With a single click, it will be possible to switch from the workshop experience to the plenary experience. We’re reproducing the experience of a seminar space, where people alternate between working in sub-groups and in plenary sessions, seated around work tables.

As far as AI is concerned, it’s obviously a subject under study! We’ve already got lots of ideas, and we’re starting brainstorming workshops this summer. We will also be prioritizing a data management interface for our users. Login data is already available, and we’re looking forward to showcasing further elements in the coming months.

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